Our Team

The team at Avant Relo Management brings its expertise, amassed over a combined 45 years in the relocation industry, to produce proven solutions to your relocation challenges.

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Jim Weiss

Founder & President

What began as a summer job in high school, working for a local mover in Dallas, Texas, blossomed into a career spanning three decades, four major markets, and two continents.
From the 1980s to the early 21st Century, Jim became an expert in moving in all of its iterations, from residential moving to office moving, from local moving to international relocations. Moving on from Dallas in 1999, Jim further honed his craft in Sydney and Chicago before settling permanently in New York City in 2007.
Soon after arriving, Jim obtained a real estate license and founded Avant Relo, closing the circle and allowing him to offer comprehensive solutions for the relocating employee and the Human Resource professional who oversees the process.
“The very first thing I learned,” Jim says, “is that while lump sum programs are great for a company’s bottom line, there are any number of traps waiting to spring shut on the inexperienced transferee. That can leave a person stuck in a home that’s wrong for them, abused by unscrupulous movers, and off to a really bad start in their new assignment.”
Armed with this knowledge, Avant Relo’s mission is to help the transitioning person or family to spend their allowance wisely, and embark on their new adventure without regretting the decision.


Holly Maroff Weiss

Vice President, Operations

A 10-year veteran of the relocation industry, Holly is responsible for the success of every move we handle. From customer service to vendor management; onsite inspections and compliance auditing, Holly is there to oversee the process, ensuring that expectations for quality service are managed, met, or exceeded without exception.


Norman Steiner

Vice President, Business Development
Australian-American Liaison

A native of Melbourne, Victoria (Australia), Norman enjoyed a successful career in Corporate sales spanning 20 years, and has lived in six countries before moving over to real estate in New York City. Since then, he has assisted numerous individuals and families as they transitioned to New York City from their cities of origin, armed with vivid memories of what it’s like to be a stranger in a strange land.


Avant Relo’s team of experienced, multilingual agents is a diverse group with one thing in common: Each agent was once a newcomer to New York City. They’ve walked that all-important mile in your or your transferee’s shoes, empowering them with the kind of empathy that’s so often missing in New York City real estate.