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Relocation companies are everywhere. Large firms, medium-sized firms, and boutique firms, and most are competent enough. But how does a company transcend mere competence and exceed all expectations?

Avant Relo was forged in the crucible of New York City, one of the world’s great international hubs, and one of the more difficult cities for new arrivals to integrate themselves into. We believe that empathy is the key, and with that in mind, all the members of our core leadership team have themselves experienced a major relocation, either domestically or from abroad.
It’s a powerful thing, and few are more qualified to guide transferees and their families through this stressful period than someone who has walked a mile in their shoes. Our mission is to help them avoid the many pitfalls that await them along the way, ensuring a successful assignment in a new city.
With the following suite of services, Avant Relo’s mission is its motto: Navigation For Your Relocation!
• Real Estate Brokerage
• Temporary Housing
• Moving Services
• Destination Services
• Immigration Tax & Legal Services
• Cultural Adaptation